Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I have my septic tank pumped?
Sludge and scum will build up over time and will back up into the house or, even worse, go into the drain field, which will destroy it and cost you thousands of dollars in repair cost.

Q: What is the function of the septic tank?
A: The septic tank is like a mini sewage plant. The purpose of the septic tank is to separate the water from the solids, which allows the water to flow to the drain field. And, just like in a large city sewage plant, the sludge and scum have to be removed from time to time.

Q: Should I install a riser or have easy access to my septic tank?
YES, the septic tank should be inspected regularly and, if you have a clogged drain, the septic tank has to be inspected first.

Q: Why should I have my septic tank pumped every two to three years.
Most newer septic systems (30 years old or less) have all household waste put in them. This includes waste from toilets, washers, sinks and showers - all the soap, cleaners and medicines kill off bacteria and bacteria is what separates the water from the solids.

Q: I have a sand mound. How often do I get it pumped?
A: More often. The sand mound works the same way as a regular septic tank but, it has an additional tank called the dosing tank. The dosing tank has a pump to pump the water into the sand mound. If the sludge and scum get into the dosing tank, the pump will pump it into the sand mound, destroying the sand mound. This could cost you $7000.00 to $10,000.00 to replace! Consequently, your septic tank and dosing tank should be inspected often and pumped if necessary.

Q: I've never had a problem, why not wait?
A: Maintenance of your septic system could save you thousands of dollars in repair bills. I also will answer a question with a question: Why do you change the oil in your car or truck instead of waiting until you have a problem? The answer is the same: you do it to save thousands of dollars in repairs.

Q: I hope I get city sewage.
A: Did you know that septic systems are the most economical way to dispose of human waste? For example, if you pump your septic tank every two years, it will cost you $160.00. That’s only $80.00 a year or $53.34 a year if you pump every three years.  In many places, city sewage costs as much as $75.00 a month or $900.00 a year. Not to mention the frontage and tap-in cost they charge you to start with and the increased taxes you have to pay forever. Also, when you use a city sewage system, you’re robbing your area of the water supply. And, if you have a well, you could also have water supply problems. With a septic system, as you supply your septic system, the water passes through the drain field and actually regenerates your water supply.

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